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Welcome to Yin Yang Girl

You are in the driver seat with this on-going art series. Click to select a Crown/Heart/Root combination to suit your sense of style. Mix and match however you wish. There are currently 1,000 possible combinations. Scroll down for purchase options.

For Licensing and Merchandising of Randall's Art, please visit Museum Masters International.

Commissions are available. Want your business logo on her T-shirt? You got it. Want your favorite quote? You got it. Love a dress but want different colors? You got it. Contact Randall

Yin Yang Girl is often purchased has a three-panel system to complete a whole. However every panel can also stand alone if you wish. For example, any Crown looks great as a stand-alone artwork.

Crowns available with multiple size and media options at



Yin Yang Girl has a three-panel system is available in 8 inch wide metal. Very sleek and sexy look, and very affordable. Use the Cart buttons below to make your selections.

8x8 Metal Crowns
8x8 Metal Hearts
8x24 Metal Roots

Contact Randall for FREE mock-up of this art in your space. Mouse-over examples below:


Custom sizes and print options available.

Randall J. Henrie (970) 355-9773





Mobile Applications


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