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Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Henrie House, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Red Brick Arts Council, January 2014, Aspen, Colorado

The Village Smithy, Carbondale, Colorado

The Bluebird Cafe, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Epic, Art Gallery, 449 Main Street, Carbondale, Colorado

Aspen Senior Center, Aspen, Colorado




Randall J. Henrie
I was born and raised in western Colorado. I am, or have been; a son, a brother, a student, a farm hand, a soldier, a husband, a father, a grandfather, an architect, a gym owner, a fitness instructor, an artist, a dreamer, a philosopher, and an observer of life. I find myself with more interests than time, but always have some sort of creation at the core. I like a hard bike ride and a cold beer. I am a coffee freak and would to travel more, I want to live on an organic farm, and I like to sleep well and work hard. If you like my art and it will enhance your life or help create a good space for you, I would love to hear from you and help you purchase your favorites.

The Works
I love exploring how a shape or a series of shapes can organize and support each other, and give context and meaning. I think a lot of what we perceive in our world works this way. For example, the mountain and the valley are not individually definable without each other. The sky and the horizon must create a boundary for each other, for either to be perceived as a definable thing. I am often intrigued how the eye and brain might interpret things, how a circle might become part of a human form, or how one straight line might be part of a barn, a field, a flower, and the sky. I like exploring this concept and these themes run through much of my work. I also like bold shapes and vivid colors. I can do custom color schemes if you see a composition you like, but the colors don’t quite suit your situation; call me to discuss.

Colorado Mountain Air
These works are the original artwork for the Air in a Jar series. (Yes, in addition to this artwork, I do have jars of Colorado air for sale). Each of the six scenes is an original work of art celebrating some of the most outstanding views Colorado has to offer. Much of my life has been lived very physically and outdoors. I am a bicyclist, hiker, camper, fitness buff, and personal trainer. I also believe in personal peace, living in the present, and using breath and breathing as a means to meditation. I also love fun and observing the culture we are living in. I suppose all of these parts came together to create the Colorado Mountain Air in a Jar series. Crazy? Yes. But, maybe brings a smile also, and a celebration of the beauty of life with a nod to the crazy marketing culture we live in. There is a breath or breathing quote associated with each scene. This art looks good printed in a number of different ways; perhaps the whole series on a smaller scale with a simple frame and displayed together, or, as large individual pieces printed on stretched canvas and gallery wrapped (no frame).

MegaPixel (Sensual)
I am intrigued by how our brain/eye system when coupled with our beliefs and perceptions, can create meaningful organic images out of a geometric gird of seemingly mathematical patterns. This in essence is how newspaper and computer images are often made. If you blow them up to see the individual pixels, we would no longer see the meaning. In this series I explore blowing up the pixel and “hiding” the meaning in the overall pattern. These works were designed at 24 inches x 36 inches, with each pixel measuring ½ inch x ½ inch. Up close you cannot determine the pattern. All you really see are squares of color. Step back and the pattern emerges. On the small screen the pattern is readily viewable; I have included several detail views to give you a sense of the real world experience. Both the large and small formats in the series work well. For an additional fee, I can also create custom color schemes, contact me to discuss. With the bright colors and rigid geometry, this series looks awesome when printed on metal.

This is a collection of various pieces and interests I have worked on over the years. I have plans to continue the penguin and animal series. I love the story behind “Bones”. This started as London street graffiti (artist unknown), somebody (unknown) snapped a film photograph of it, somebody else copied the photo on a copy machine, and I eventually received an 8.5 x 11 paper copy. I then took this copy, scanned it, adjusted color and contrast, cleaned it up a bit, and turned into digital data. To me, the process from spray paint to photo to copy to digital is amazing. “Fundamentals” is an extension of “Bones”. There is something basic about two skeletons, the basic structure of our body, essentially engaged in the basic function of, well, making more skeletons. I also like the simple black and white and the primarily symmetrical composition. For “Fundamentals” I added the basic colors.


Randall J. Henrie (970) 355-9773





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